Our wide collection of Vinyl Flooring has a prosperity of delight pattern with numerous design option & complimenty colors. Available in Sheet Form, Tiles Form & Plank Form. Vinyl Flooring sheets comes in 2 mtr / 1.5 mtr width & thickness from 0.55 – 6.0 mm thickness. Vinyl Tiles are engineered for high profile public areas & equally for residential floor of domestic homes. Vinyl Tiles are asbestos free & bring refined modernity to interior space where in people find working in beautiful surrounding. Vinyl Plank are available in a variety of design, thickness, matt finish, textured, embossed etc. U.V. coating on it prevents colors feeding & dust repellent, scratch proof & easy for maintenance. Plank are used in high tech 100% PVC patterned photographic print film layer encapsulated between a heavy duty clear PVC wear layer & Vinyl Backing. pvc_laminated_flooring